Go From Analysis To Science!

Turn Your Data into Smart Data

Business Intelligence (BI), Web Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Bioinformatic Research: Regardless of your need, make data work for you by turning your data into Smart Data.

Improve Your Data Maturity

Go from hindsight to foresight. In today's business environment, it's not enough to ask "What Happened?", a businesses needs to start asking, "How Can We Make It Happen?"

Using the latest Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques we can mature your data so that it's not just describing what already happened, but can diagnose it, predict what may happen, and then prescribe actions to drive what will happen.

Fully Leverage Your Data

When working with Blackburn Labs we will execute a highly refined PDCA workflow to process your various data sources into fully leveraged and measurable results.

This process is designed to fit into your organization's existing PDCA process and our data scientists and software engineers are certified Scrum Masters. This ensures your data efforts will fit into any business processes you have in place.

Process for Leveraging Data

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Founded in 2015, at Blackburn Labs we have committed, motivated, and experienced programmers, architects and process specialists. As award-winning software designers and creators across multiple verticals, we provide solutions to address your data science, analytics, business intelligence, or software engineering needs with leading-edge technical skills and valuable business experience.